Turtle Vac vacuum cleaner made in Britian

Turtle Vac

Unbeatable cleaning power - the cleaning's bright! Now available in exciting new colours!

Turtle vac is currently unavailable; bags and replacements parts still available to order.

This product is currently unavailable


  • Mats have square corners
  • Heavier weight - extremely stable
  • Lightly studded to minimise creep on carpets
  • Machine washable
  • Flexible - easy to roll up
  • Ideal for carpets & hard floors


  • Mats have rounded corners
  • Lighter-weight - very flexible
  • Rubbery anti-slip backing
  • Machine washable
  • Excellent value
  • Ideal for hard floors


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Turtle Mats are renowned for keeping your home cleaner for longer, so when we heard about a vacuum that does the same, we had to share it with you. Now a year old, the Turtle Vac® is happily breezing through housework in homes countrywide. Exclusively available from Turtle Mat.

"The Turtle Vac is light, easy to use and picks up all my dog's hair. It is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever used."
Shirley Newman

Designed for the tough jobs

The turtle vac features wheels, quick release cable, air blown through the base, eco energy saving switch and a range of wand tools

Replacement bags

The Turtle Vac comes fitted with a disposable dust bag and a spare is also included. Replacement bags priced from £6.95 for 5 can be ordered above or call 0345 600 3478.

Genuine industrial heritage

This vacuum is one of British industry's best-kept secrets, as for years it has only been available to professional office and hospital cleaners. Day after day, in the most demanding conditions, this vacuum gets the job done double quick time without a murmur of complaint, and we fully expect it to last you for years too.

Turtle Vac offers you all this:

  • Powerful industrial motor for unbeatable suction
  • Superior 4 level dust filteration system
  • HEPA filter as recommended for allergy sufferers
  • Full size bags in a compact size unit
  • Telescopic wand, as tall as an upright
  • Built to last, with a free 2 year guarantee
  • All British made, with lightweight metal casing

"I have used the Turtle Vac in my home and my company. It has a powerful motor that is great for cat and dog hair. It is a high quality machine that also happens to look stunning."
Michael Wright
The Wright Approach Cleaning Company

Free 2-year Guarantee

Service EngineerComes with a free two year guarantee covering parts and labour. Plus, if ever needed, our engineers arrange a house visit.

Unbeatable filtration

Unique dust control with 4 levels of filtration
Turtle Vac isn't just a pretty face. It has one of the strongest suctions around, so dust and pet-hair pick up is unbeatable. Plus, the air passes through four separate filters, including a pure-air drum filter and a HEPA filter as recommended for allergy sufferers.

Turtle Vac filter

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