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Turtle Mat Joins the Pignic!

Rebecca Wilson on the subject of Tales from Turtle Towers. Posted on April 16th, 2015.

It’s no secret that we at Turtle Mat love cute animals, so much so that we have a whole Turtle Mat range especially for our furry friends. So when we recently got wind of an upcoming event, exclusively dedicated to some of the cutest creatures around, we had to get involved.

We are excited to announce that Turtle Mat are partnering with Yelp for their Pop-Up Pignic. Coming up next month in London, the picnic will see a night of food, drinks and pig education. There will also be an adorable litter of new born piglets in attendance and the chance to win one of five Turtle Mats to wipe your muddy boots – or trotters – on!

There is also a more serious side to the event as PetPiggies will be there to educate the audience on exactly what pig ownership means. With the rise in popularity over recent years of so-called “micro pigs”, an alarming number of pigs have to be given up by their owners when the piglets grow up to be much bigger than expected and simply become too big for their homes.

Though pigs make for beautiful and loving pets, it is important that potential pet pig owners start with realistic size expectations and we hope that educating people on what pig ownership means will reduce the number of animals abandoned each year.

Farms Not Factories will also speak at the event about the true cost of factory farmed meat on pig welfare, human health and the environment. Their work aims to reduce the number of pigs being treated cruelly in animal factories and push for animal welfare to come first.

We are delighted to be part of such a great event that combines vital education with a chance to interact with these intelligent animals. PetPiggies kindly shared some of their cutest photos with us too:

Micro Pigs

Tickets cost £30 each and money from every ticket sold will go to Farms Not Factories. Sign up fortickets and find more information on the Yelp website.

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