Turtle Mat https://www.kleen-tex.eu/group/ The Turtle Mat Company was founded in 1994 when James Turtle discovered the ultimate doormat in his search to protect his customers floors from the damage caused by walked-in dirt and moisture to floors and carpets. Turtle Mat proudly joined the Kleen-Tex family in late 2016, a perfect pairing with a shared mission to provide tried, trusted and innovative products to our customers and with a focus on excellent customer service. https://www.turtlemat.co.uk/img/TM_logo.png +443456003478 https://www.turtlemat.co.uk/boat-mats/ Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Pinterest

Boat Mats

Keep your decks ship-shape


Turtle Mats lap up water and due to their performance can be used outside in dry weather. They soften and support areas close to the pool, the hot tub or even on your boat.

Great for trapping sand, dry and wet dirt these mats are super for holiday homes. Small sizes allow for easy storage and use in compact spaces.