The Turtle® Mat difference

Unlike traditional doormats made from coir, nylon or even carpet off-cuts, the cotton-pile of Turtle Mats has been engineered from an industrial background to actively absorb moisture and dirt; whilst it's anti slip rubber back minimises the chance of the mat moving and slipping on floors.

Turtle Mat

Super absorbent cotton tufts - Densely packed tufts of cutting-edge cotton and a microfibre blend instantly trap dirt, dust and wetness from shoes, boots and paws. The microfibre helps attract smaller dust particles for even more protection. All Classic Collection mats contain this special blend of fibres for maximum dirt-trapping capability.

Fibre-bind layer - The clever layer that forms an ultra tough bond between the cotton tufts and the backing, whilst retaining flexibility. The toughness of this layer as well as the composition of the mat mean that all indoor mats can be machine washed regularly. For instructions on how to wash your mat see our care instructions.

Nitrile rubber or latex base - Our rubber back and latex back mats are non-damaging and anti-stain; free from both PVC and vinyl. They are also anti-slip to minimise creep on carpets and hard floors.

Multi-grip: all our multi-grip Turtle Mats are now made from 100% recycled rubber; making use of industrial off-cuts that would otherwise be wasted.