Turtle Mat https://www.kleen-tex.eu/group/ The Turtle Mat Company was founded in 1994 when James Turtle discovered the ultimate doormat in his search to protect his customers floors from the damage caused by walked-in dirt and moisture to floors and carpets. Turtle Mat proudly joined the Kleen-Tex family in late 2016, a perfect pairing with a shared mission to provide tried, trusted and innovative products to our customers and with a focus on excellent customer service. https://www.turtlemat.co.uk/img/TM_logo.png +443456003478 https://www.turtlemat.co.uk/faq/ Facebook Instagram YouTube Pinterest

Frequency Asked Questions about Turtle Mat

What makes a Turtle Mat so good at trapping moisture and dirt?

Turtle Mats, specifically our Classic Collection mats, utilise a blend of natural cotton and microfibre which in combination absorbs moisture (cotton) and the minute fibres of the microfibre hold onto dust and dry dirt. Turtle Mats' heritage stems from Scandinavia where they have been widely used on oil platforms and by fishing fleets.

Why are they called Turtle Mats?

These soft, effective and hard-wearing mats were discovered by James Turtle in 1994, who recognised their potential for use in the home, and introduced them to Britain. James named the product Turtle Mat and their quality and functionality have established them as the leading brand in dirt trapping mats.

What is a Turtle Mat made of?

Latex & Multi-Grip Classic mats are made from a cotton rich pile (70% cotton, 30% Microfibre). All Turtle Mat design mats are made from a recycled cotton pile. Backings are made from latex and nitrile rubber (Multi-grip).

How do I wash a Turtle Mat?

Turtle Mats can either be hand or machine washed up to 40°C using a colour kind non-biological detergent without bleaching agents/optical brighteners, as this helps to preserve the colour of the mat. Please do not add fabric conditioner or use washing liquids/capsules/ powder with added conditioner as it reduces the absorbency of the cotton pile of the mat. We recommend lifting and washing your Turtle Mats monthly to improve the absorbency of your mat and to allow for cleaning under the mat and to allow light exposure to flooring. Turtle Mats can also be tumble dried on a low heat setting or left to dry naturally. When washing/drying check the filters on your machine as directed by the manufacturer and also check the load limit on your machine, as large Turtle Mats can be heavy when wet.

Why do you recommend I wash my Turtle Mat before use?

All mats have been washed once already before they reach you but will benefit from a second wash to raise the pile and improve the absorbency. Like many cotton pile products (towels for example) absorbency is improved when the product is completely free of any yarn 'dressing'.

How thick is a Turtle Mat?

A Turtle Mat is excellent for fitting under low lying doors while still being extremely effective. Latex backing approx: 8mm Multi-Grip backing approx: 1cm

Can Turtle Mats be fitted into a mat well?

Turtle Mats can easily be used in a mat well. Depending on the depth of the well, you may need to infill the well to achieve a level almost flush with your floor. Turtle Mats can be trimmed down to fit the well. Please wash your mat several times before cutting as a small level of shrinkage may occur.

Am I able to cut a Turtle Mat?

Yes, both backings (latex & multi-grip) are able to be cut down to a specific size. They won't fray as they don't have a continuous thread but we do recommend you wash several times before cutting as a small level of shrinkage may occur. Please note that cutting your Turtle Mat will invalidate your guarantee. 

What is the backing of a Turtle Mat made of?

Our Plain Turtle Mats are available in either a latex or multi-grip backing, whilst our Design Turtle Mats are available in a multi-grip backing only. Our Latex backing is made from 100% SRB Latex and our Multi-grip backing is made from 100% recycled nitrile rubber. Both our latex back mats and multi-grip back mats are non-damaging and anti-stain, free from both PVC and vinyl, however a combination of cleaning products, sunlight and heat may effect and/or cause discolouration to certain types of flooring when covered, and are beyond Turtle Mat’s control. We would advise you to please lift and launder your mat frequently (monthly) to allow the floor under the mat to be cleaned and aired.

Turtle Mat backings are anti-slip and engineered to minimise movement as much as possible; however we cannot guarantee there will be no movement as there are so many different floor finishes and carpet finishes and piles. If you are finding that your mat is moving, we would suggest using Foxi Underlay to prevent this http://www.foxirugtamer.co.uk/

Are Turtle Mats recommended for use on Karndean flooring?

Turtle Mats are recommended by Karndean Design flooring. For other specialist flooring, please check with the manufacturer before using any latex or rubber backed mats. We would advise you to please lift and launder your mat frequently (monthly) on all surfaces to allow the floor under the mat to be cleaned and aired.


Can Turtle Mats be placed on flooring with underfloor heating?

Indoor Turtle Mats with a multi-grip backing are suitable for use with underfloor heating.