Turtle Mat https://www.kleen-tex.eu/group/ The Turtle Mat Company was founded in 1994 when James Turtle discovered the ultimate doormat in his search to protect his customers floors from the damage caused by walked-in dirt and moisture to floors and carpets. Turtle Mat proudly joined the Kleen-Tex family in late 2016, a perfect pairing with a shared mission to provide tried, trusted and innovative products to our customers and with a focus on excellent customer service. https://www.turtlemat.co.uk/img/TM_logo.png +443456003478 https://www.turtlemat.co.uk/faq/?t=5 Facebook Instagram YouTube Pinterest

Frequency Asked Questions about Turtle Mat


Turtle Mats are available in a range of sizes, from a standard doormat size to a large runner size which are great by patio doors. All Latex mats come with rounded corners and all multi-grip mats have square cut corners.

1. Small Doormat 40cm x 60cm approx. 24" x 16"
2. Standard Doormat 50cm x 75cm approx. 30" x 20"
3. Medium Doormat 60cm x 85cm approx. 24" x 33"
4. Large Doormat 75cm x 100cm approx. 30" x 39"
5. Runner 75cm x 120cm approx. 30" x 47"
6. Large Runner 75cm x 150cm approx. 30" x 59"

All sizes are approximate and a small level of shrinkage may occur.