We support the Marine Conservation Society, the only charity in the UK dedicated to caring for our seas, shores and wildlife. Through their Adopt-a-Turtle scheme they are working to save marine turtles from extinction. In the last year, Turtle Mat customers have helped raise over GBP 5,000 through their adoption scheme. To find out more please visit the MCS website:



We are often asked about the best way to look after carpets. Naturally a Turtle Mat is the first line of defence and quality cleaning with a good vacuum cleaner will also help. However, over time carpets can look a little tired and need a helping hand to remove spillage spots and revive carpet pile. That's where our friends at Bone Dry can help'. Bone Dry specialize in 'Dry' organic carpet and upholstery cleaning. Their 'Dry- Clean' system is quick, convenient and leaves the carpet deep cleaned and fresh and ready for immediate use and is 100% safe for children and pets. That's why we would always recommend Bone Dry carpet cleaners.