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Rural Retreats competition 2019

Nicole Loy on the subject of Blog of the Month,Competition. Posted on September 27th, 2019.

A chance to win £250 of Rural Retreat Vouchers

WIN – £250 of Rural Retreat Vouchers and our new Leaf Scroll Turtle Mat


Win £250 of Rural Retreats vouchers to use for a stay at one of their beautiful self-catering luxury holiday cottages in the UK and Ireland. The winner and two runners-up will also receive a ‘Leaf Scroll’ Turtle Mat worth £49.95.

To find out more details about the prize and to enter this exciting competition, please click here:

Closing date for entries is 2nd December 2019. Terms and conditions apply

41 comments on Rural Retreats competition 2019

  1. Louise Maisey says:

    Over 500 properties

  2. Jennifer Deakin says:

    There are over 550 properties in the Rural Retreats portfolio.
    I just wish I had time to visit them all!

  3. Audrey Stockley says:


  4. Audrey Stockley says:

    had quite a few mats over the years, always brilliant and so bright, even after washing a few times.

  5. Alexa Lavender says:

    Rural retreats have 592 properties

  6. Mrs Ann French says:

    550 rural retreats portfolio. I have 9 of your mats and they are indispensable as I have 2 Standard Poodles and 1 miniature poodle all who get very muddy feet,so the mats safe me so much work.

  7. Debbie Brooks says:

    Answer 550

  8. Nicola Harris says:

    Rural retreats have over 550 in their portfolio

  9. Hannah Currington says:

    Over 550

  10. Betty Booth says:

    550 rural retreats in the portfolio

  11. Deirdre Hands says:

    There are 550 properties in the portfolio. The perfect places to to relax, breathe and feel away from the hustle and bustle of life.

  12. Valerie Grange says:

    Over 550

  13. Anna Mitchell says:


  14. Helen Hughes says:

    Turtle Mats are great for and outdoor family and a country house and hallway

  15. Susie Eagle says:

    Rural Retreats has over 550 of the best self-acting luxury holiday properties throughout the UK and Ireland!

  16. Lindsey Fitch says:

    Over 550

  17. Janey Simpson says:

    Rural Retreats have over 550 properties

  18. HELEN FERGUS says:

    Over 550 properties

  19. Deborah Connolly says:

    Over 550 properties.

  20. Gillian M says:

    Over 550

  21. Rachael says:

    There is no place like home but with a choice of over 550 luxury retreats in the rural retreats portfolio this sounds the perfect escape! 💝
    I’m guessing these luxury self catering properties will all have a turtle 🐢 mat to wipe visiting paws!! 🐾

  22. Sylvie says:

    over 550

  23. Rosanne Wilson says:

    More than 550 properties in beautiful surroundings 😵😊

  24. Hannah Weeks says:

    550 properties

  25. Mandy Willson says:

    Over 550

  26. Alfie Daley says:

    over 550

  27. Jill Hewitt-Gray says:

    There are over 550 properties in the rural retreats portfolio.

  28. Sharon Wallis says:

    Rural Retreats have over 550 properties in their portfolio

  29. Mrs Lesley Nesbitt says:

    There are over 550 properties in the Rural Retreats portfolio

  30. Gwen Kinghorn says:


  31. John Curry says:

    Answer :Over 550

    Your new Barhroom mats are excellent.

    • Nicole Loy says:

      Thank you, we’re so pleased to hear that you think our bathroom mats are excellent! Thank you for entering our competition too.

  32. John Curry says:

    Your “bathroom” mats are also excellent.

  33. Brenda Findlay says:

    They have 592 properties on their portfolio

  34. Nathalie Dommett says:

    Rural Retreats has over 550 properties in their portfolio – 598 properties to be more precise as of 27th October 2019. And TurtleMat has many, many gorgeous and very efficient mats!

  35. Ann Allen says:

    Over 550 properties

  36. Pam Nutting says:

    Over 500 properties

  37. Suzanne Iles says:

    Over 550 properties

  38. Maureen says:

    Delighted with my two new turtle doormats. One is in the porch & one is indoors as would get very wet on the other more exposed porch. Will a normal colour washing liquid be ok to wash these in a machine with?

  39. Anika says:

    There are over 550 properties. Just placed my first order of Turtle Mats- looking forward to receiving them!

  40. Christine Saunders says:

    Rural retreats have 600 properties In their portfolio as of 30th November. Or over 550 according to the body of your text


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