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8 Thrifty DIY Christmas Jumper Ideas

Rebecca Wilson on the subject of Crafts. Posted on December 15th, 2014.

Christmas jumpers have never been more popular. No longer something we are begrudgingly forced to wear by relatives on Christmas Day, we can’t get enough of them these days – so much so that this year they even inspired a new addition to the Turtle Mat Christmas Collection!

In celebration of our new Christmas Jumper Mat we challenged a talented group of crafty bloggers to transform a plain jumper into a Christmas wonder. All of these fantastic Christmas jumpers were created with just a plain knitted jumper and a budget of £5 or less. Click through to find the full tutorial for each and create your own handmade Christmas jumper!


Bah Humpug! Pug Motif Jumper by Oh Hi DIY

Pug Motif DIY Christmas Jumper


Sew-Your-Own Snowman Christmas Jumper by Cassiefairy

Snowman DIY Christmas Jumper


Reindeer Homemade Jumper by Time to Craft

Fluffy Reindeer DIY Christmas Jumper


Olaf the Snowman DIY Jumper from Boldly Gold

Olaf Frozen DIY Christmas Jumper


Polar Bear DIY Jumper from Lily Doughball

Polar bear DIY Christmas jumper


Elsa-Inspired Snowflake Jumper by Jennifer Grace Creates

Elsa Frozen DIY Christmas Jumper


Glitter and Sparkle Starry Christmas Jumper by Cookies and Cwtches

Gold Star DIY Christmas Jumper


Queen Elsa’s Snowflake Jumper by Rachael Jess

Frozen Elsa DIY Christmas Jumper


Will you be wearing a Christmas jumper this festive season? Let us know what you’ll be wearing in the comments below or over on Twitter!


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