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Is This the Nation’s Most Stylish Living Room?

Rebecca Wilson on the subject of Uncategorized. Posted on September 1st, 2016.

The personal style and palette of a living room can say a lot about a person. From eloquently modern sofas and wonderfully rustic wooden flooring to wallpaper that lustrously glitters and lava lamps that channel the 70s. Everyone has their own individual interpretation of what works and what doesn’t.

With that being said, you might assume that the most searched for colours for a living room on Google would be something fairly bland, such as cream or beige. Perhaps a fawn carpet and a standardised leather sofa added in for good measure.

However, research into the most searched for living room decor has thrown us some surprising style choices. We decided to create a living room based off this keyword research to see what the most popular living room would actually look like. The result was both unexpected and peculiar:

Designer living room

Designer living room

Surprisingly, the most popular wall colour was black, which was followed closely by silver and black striped wallpaper. This clashes ineptly with some rather unfortunate-looking floral lamps, as well as a brown leather sofa with accompanying red cushions and a classic sheepskin rug.

Designer living room

Designer living room

The following living room items and their average search volumes per month were as follows:

Living Room

  • 32” TV – 60,5000
  • Striped carpet – 8,100
  • Black carpet – 1,600
  • Black and silver wallpaper – 14,800
  • Net curtains – 27,100
  • Grey curtains – 14,800
  • Glass coffee table – 18,100
  • Wood burning stove – 33,100
  • Red sofa cushions – 90
  • White bookcase – 5,400
  • Floral lamp – 110
  • Floor lamps – 60,500
  • Sheepskin rug – 9,900

We also decided to look at popular items in other rooms of the house:


  • Striped carpet – 8,100
  • White bedroom furniture – 12,100
  • Purple paint colours – 390


  • Black toilet – 720
  • Black bathroom light – 70
  • Mosaic tiles – 12,100


  • Black kitchen lights – 170
  • Kitchen island – 18,100
  • Green kitchen paint – 260


  • White coat stand – 720
  • Striped carpet – 8,100
  • Grey doormat – 390

How does your house compare? Do you have any of these features in your home? We would love to know, so send us a picture or get in touch on Twitter @Turtle_Mat.